Frequent Questions

We made this small section to help you out identifying what you need faster.

Do I need a partner?

No, on the contrary. We rotate frequently in the class and we don't have fixed partner. As a social dance, learning to lead and follow different people, with different backgrounds, body shapes and levels is definitely part of the skillset and also part of the fun.

What to wear?

You don't need special clothes or shoes to join the class. Anything comfortable for you to move your body is fine.

What about Covid?

Our school has taken a series of measures in order to provide the safest environment we can, consistently going beyond government guidelines.

  • Mandatory mask wearing in the studio and during all classes
  • Mandatory hand sanitation before, during and after each class for everyone
  • Temperature check
  • Symptoms and Travel history check with no travel outside HK for 14 days
  • Teachers do not teach in other schools or studios
  • Limit the number of students per class in accordance with government regulation
  • Regular sanitation of the facilities

To ensure that every student feels free to adjust his attendance to his personal feelings, we have removed any expiration period on credits puchased after October 2019, until the end of the crisis. We want the students to use their credits when they feel truly comfortable to do so, without worrying of any expiration date.

Where can I find the classes schedule?

The classes schedule is available to registered students in the DanceMos app, where they can conviniently book their classes.
This system allows us to ensure good balance in gender and level, for everybody's benefit in terms of progress and enjoyment.
Please contact us and we will find the perfect class for you to join.