Ritmo Latino

One Family - Global Edition 2020

We are proud to partner with the prestigious Berlin Salsacongress and 20 others cities around the world to bring you the first worldwide salsa party.
Berlin Salsacongress One Family Global Edition

If we can‘t dance and share our passion in one spot, then we will meet and dance all over the world simultaneously.
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  • 20+ Cities
  • 30+ Djs
  • One passion

Workshops and Artists

Ritmo Latino was born with the intention of promoting Hong Kong talent, bringing together instructors from different dance universes that share their dedication to our city, their professionalism, their love for the music and their passion for teaching.
We are preparing a series of workshops inspired by Berlin Salsacongress motto: "No one ever made the difference by being like everybody else".
Stay tuned!

What will happen?

Initiated by the Berlin Salsacongress team, One Family - Global Edition 2020 is a network of events that we want to keep small and safe in view of the global pandemic of Covid-19.
It is a global online event, uniting dancers and DJs all over the world in solidarity.
What will happen in Hong Kong Ritmo Latino will depend of the reality of the situation at the time of the event.
The workshops will be held mainly online, with a limited number of attendants in the different studios, following the government safety measures that will prevail in October.
Similarly, we plan to have several small parties instead of a big one, if it is possible and safe to do so.
Given the uncertainties, we will not pre-sale tickets this year. However, once the schedule of the event will be available, you will be able to register your interest and book your spot in the workshops.


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